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Dr Ajith Kumar Vedanilayam

BAMS ,MS(Physical Rehabilitation ,Sports Medicine and rheumatology)
PG Dip (Panchakarma and yoga (CPT physiotherapy)
MSc Psychology
AMA Government of India
Incharge Kerala State Tribal Medicine (federation) Funded by govt of India
Ministry of health and family welfare.
Form'ly faculty Health and Ayurveda MHRD and Govt of India
Faculity Professor Ayurveda and allied Topics(VMRF University)

Chrononic Pain Management

Centre using Tribal and Physical technologies(Closed manipulative Methods)in marma regions

  • Back Pain and neck Pain(Due to disc problems ,muscular or nerve problems) Manipulating and correcting all type of disc herniation using tribal methods
  • Shoulder pain, elbow ,angle pains and dislocation
  • Pain due to arthritis ,rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis ,gout and all type of pain associated with muscles.
  • Headache clinic Management of all type of headache including migraine
  • Cancer pain (palliative care)
  • Sliming Clinic (pain due to obesity)

About Us

Management of back pain \ Neck pain. This treatment focused on murma vital centres (energy releasing points in lumbar and cervical spine).
1 pouring tribal herbal oils(fortified hundred times by repeated steam distillation by making it as nano particles) in whole back and limbs continuously for 30,45,60-------min---for seven days to loosen the muscle facia and strngthen the back muscles (psoas major,quadriceps lumborum etc for 7 days.
2 increasing spinal blood supply by frictional powder massage aiming aiming right common iliac artery and vein
3 stimulating facet joints to produce adequate synovial fluid and joint movements

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